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1-Week Jail for Man Who Lied to Court about not Sleeping with Wife to Save Money on Divorce Proceedings

Reported in Today Online on 22 December 2020 On 22 December 2020, a 25-year-old man …

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The line between Sexting and Texting in Singapore

In this article, our team of criminal lawyers answer some of the burning and uncomfortable …

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11 Months for Mildly Intellectually Disabled Molester

Reported by Today Online on 1 April 2020 A 28-year-old man (‘the Accused’) was jailed …

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11½ Years and 12 Strokes for HDB Lift Attack

Reported in the Straits Times, 24 March 2020 On 24 March 2020, a 35-year-old man …

All CasesSexual CrimeSexual Crimes

24 Years for Molester Stepfather

Reported by Today Online on 7 February 2020 A cleaner was jailed for 24 years …

All CasesOther Reported CasesSexual CrimeSexual Crimes

4 Weeks’ Imprisonment for Young Voyeur

On 7 January 2020, a 27-year-old man (“the Accused”) pleaded guilty to 2 counts under …

All CasesSexual CrimeSexual Crimes

Man took Upskirt Clips of Over 50 Women

Reported in The Straits Times, 3 April 2019 Our client, a former IT engineer with the …

outrage of modesty & sexual offencesSexual Crimesexual crime

FAQs on Sexual Offence – Relating to Sex with a Minor

Online Commercial Sex With Minors Under 18 In recent years, there has been an increase …

Sexual Crimesexual crime


Singapore’s apex court recently laid down a new sentencing framework for rape offences in Ng …

Sexual Crimesexual crime

Insulting a Woman’s Modesty

Section 509 of the Singapore Penal Code S 509 criminalizes the intention to insult and …

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