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This article will share with you some pointers to take note of when you have received a request from the police requiring you to make an appearance at the police station for the first time.

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    First Appearance at Police Station. What does this mean?

    Of course, receiving a police request requiring one’s attendance at a police station can leave one feeling alarmed and confused. Do not worry yet as it is important to know that when the police conduct an investigation into a case involving an arrestable offence, they may issue an order to anyone requesting his/her attendance at a police station when they believe him/her is related to the facts and circumstances of the case.

    Your attendance is compulsory and in essence, your first appearance to the police station is to provide assistance to the police for investigation purposes.

    What will take place during my first appearance?

    An Investigation Officer who is normally the police in charge of the case will be asking you questions in relation to the case. Do not be alarmed when you see the Investigation Officer typing furiously. The Investigation Officer is typing out the contents of the conversation between you and him/herself for record purposes and the information you provide may be of assistance to them.

    The Investigation Officer will then give you an opportunity to read the recorded statement and request for you to sign the recorded statement. You must read the recorded statement carefully and ensure that it accurately reflects the contents of the conversation between yourself and the Investigation Officer.

    Once you have read the recorded statement and believe that it accurately reflects the contents of the conversation between yourself and the Investigation Officer, you can proceed to sign the given recorded statement.

    I have signed the statement. Is there any other information that I have to be aware about?

    The Investigation Officer is at liberty to take your passport and hold it pending investigations. The Investigation Officer is also at liberty to ask for bail to be imposed as well. Our Singapore Criminal Lawyers can advise you on the subsequent course of action should this happen to you.

    Moving forward.

    After your first appearance at the police station, it is important to remember the questions you were asked by the Investigation Officer and the information that you had shared to the Investigation Officer. You can contact our Singapore Criminal Lawyers thereafter and share the information with us. Our dedicated Singapore Criminal Lawyers will evaluate your case and provide you with expert advice on the necessary.

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