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BlogYouth Crime

Juvenile Justice: The Process when your Child is Arrested

It can be a distressing and challenging situation to find out that your child has …

BlogCrimes Affecting Public Peace

Criminal Law Temporary Provisions (Amendment Bill) 2018

The Criminal Law Temporary Provisions Act (“the Act”) provides for the detention and supervision of …

BlogRegulatory Offences

Punishment for Smuggling Contraband Cigarettes, Drugs, & More

Smuggling is a severe offence in Singapore for many reasons – and it is punished …

Blogviolent crimes

Penalties for Criminal Force, Assault, and Criminal Intimidation in Singapore

Criminal force, assault, and criminal intimidation are severe offences under Singapore’s Penal Code. Such laws …


The Arrest & Bail Process in Singapore

How Can One Be Arrested? Arrest Without a Warrant Section 64 of the Criminal Procedure …


Effects of a Conviction on an Employment Pass (EP) in Singapore

Singapore is known for its low crime rate and strict laws, making it one of …


High-rise Littering – Environmental Public Health Bill (Amended 2023)

High-rise littering refers to throwing or dropping objects from a high level, such as a …


Don’t Look Back in Anger – Is Doxxing a form of Harassment?

With the increased use of social media and mobile phones, it is unsurprising that we …


Summary on Stern Warning

What is a Stern Warning? Law enforcement agencies issue stern warnings instead of prosecutions for …


Understand the Differences between Criminal Fraud & Civil Fraud in Singapore

Both an individual and a business may commit fraud. Fraud can also affect individuals and …

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