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Letter Of Representation Frequently Asked Questions

A Letter of Representation is a written case defence document, sent by the criminal defence …

Blogletter of demandletter of representationletter of representations

The Importance of a Letter of Representation

Letter of Representation in Singapore It has long been established in the criminal law practice …

Blognew sexual offence lawsexual assault law singaporesexual offencessexual offences law singapore

Existing Sexual Offences To Be Updated To Reflect Contemporary Attitudes

On 6 May 2019, Parliament passed the Criminal Law Reform Bill (“the Bill”). Not only …

Blogsexual harassment lawsexual harassment singaporesexual offencessexual offences singapore

New Sexual Offences To Be Introduced

In Singapore, criminal offences are mostly governed by the Penal Code. On 6 May 2019, …

Bloglie detectorlie detector testlie detector test sinaporepolygraph test

Polygraph Test FAQs – Prepared by M/s Gloria James-Civetta & Co

What is a polygraph test? A polygraph test, also known as a lie detector test, …

Blogchoosing a criminal lawyercosting criminal lawyercriminal lawyer in singaporehire criminal lawyer

How do I Hire a Criminal Lawyer to Defend my Case?

Being summoned by the police as an accused in criminal investigations, and/or receiving a notice …

Blogcriminal investigationcriminal investigation department singaporecriminal investigation procedure singaporecriminal investigation singapore

Criminal Investigation Process in Singapore

Criminal investigations usually commence:- Upon the receipt of a ‘999’ call; When a police complaint …

Blogcost to hire criminal lawyercosting criminal lawyercriminal lawyer costhire criminal lawyer

How much will Hiring a Criminal Lawyer to Defend my Case Cost?

Not everyone has the gift of the gab to present the best face of your …


Short-Detention Order (SDO)

In a Short Detention Order (SDO), an offender can be detained in prison for a …

Blogcommunity service ordercommunity service order singaporecriminal Sentencescso

Community Service Order (CSO)

Community Service Orders (CSO) are usually imposed on offenders for reformation, and for them to …

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