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The Rise of Illegal Gambling in Singapore

Recently in the news, we have been observing a quiet increase in people being caught …

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The line between Sexting and Texting in Singapore

In this article, our team of criminal lawyers answer some of the burning and uncomfortable …

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Tips to Help You Choose your Criminal Defence Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer In Singapore If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges in …

Blogsham marriagesham marriage singapore

Sham Marriages in Singapore

What is a sham marriage? A sham marriage (or “marriage of convenience” at law) is …

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Penalties for Online Racism: A Case Study of @SharonLiew86

If you have been lurking around social media like I have this Circuit Breaker, you …

BlogCybercrimesdating online problemonline datingonline dating danger

Danger Lurks in Online Dating

The risks of online dating The internet has made our lives more convenient in countless …

arrest in signaporearrested by policebail in singaporeBlogcriminal procedure singapore

Handling the Arrest of a Family Member in Singapore

Unlike some other countries, there is no right to ‘one phone call’ immediately upon arrest …


Pornography Offences in Singapore – FAQs

Pornography is often defined as images or videos that contain explicit depictions of sexual activities …

Blogcriminal defamationdefamation actdefamation in singaporedefamation law

Are you a Victim of Defamation?

It has been observed that the number of defamation writs filed in the civil courts …

Blogmarital rapemarital rape singaporemolestationmolested by husband

Is it Legal for my Husband to Molest Me?

Although married persons have conjugal rights over each other, such rights should be exercised within …

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