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Punishment for Smuggling Contraband Cigarettes, Drugs, & More

Smuggling is a severe offence in Singapore for many reasons – and it is punished ...
Regulatory Offences

Marriage Offences

Offences relating to marriage In Singapore, offences relating to marriage are criminalised under the penal ...
Regulatory Offences

Smoking Laws in Singapore

Laws surrounding the smoking of cigarettes in Singapore are stringent.   It is an offence ...
Regulatory Offencesregulatory offences

Ministry of Manpower Offences

The Employment Agencies Act regulates all employment agency-related activities in Singapore. Under s 6, the ...
Regulatory Offencesregulatory offences


Immigration offences Immigration offences in Singapore are governed by Section 57 Immigration Act. Attempting to ...
Regulatory Offencesregulatory offences

Customs: Cigarette and Tobacco

NEW SENTENCING GUIDELINES FOR CIGARETTE SMUGGLERS On 15 April 2014, the Honourable Chief Justice, Sundaresh ...