Property Offences

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Property Offences

Robbery – Section 390 of the Penal Code

Elements Accused has committed theft or extortion; and Accused has used, attempted or threatened to ...
Property Offencesproperty offences


THEFT – S378 OF THE PENAL CODE To constitute theft, the offender must Intend to ...
Property Offencesproperty offences


Trespassing is governed by the Penal Code. There are several types of trespassing offences. 1. ...
Property Offencesproperty offences

Misappropriation of Property

Criminal Misappropriation of Property In Singapore, the offence of Criminal misappropriation of property is criminalised ...
Property Offencesproperty offences

House Breaking

Housebreaking offences in Singapore Housebreaking offences in Singapore are governed by the penal code chapters ...

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