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BlogCrimes Affecting Public Peace

Criminal Law Temporary Provisions (Amendment Bill) 2018

5 min read

The Criminal Law Temporary Provisions Act (“the Act”) provides for the detention and supervision of …

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How do I Handle Neighbour Disputes Effectively?

4 min read

If you stay in Singapore, chances are you stay in a high-rise building, along with …

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Penalties for Online Racism: A Case Study of @SharonLiew86

4 min read

If you have been lurking around social media like I have this Circuit Breaker, you …

Crimes Affecting Public Peace

When does a Person Commit “Mischief” – s425 of the Penal Code

3 min read

Mischief under Section 425 covers a broad spectrum of crimes. Mischief may seem like an …

Crimes Affecting Public Peace

Unlawful Assembly & Rioting

3 min read

In Singapore Law, unlawful assembly is governed by Chapter 8 of the Penal code. An …

Crimes Affecting Public Peace

Littering & Jaywalking

< 1 min read

Are the offences of littering and jaywalking commonly policed? If yes, what is the punishment? …

Crimes Affecting Public Peace


2 min read

The definition of Affray is defined under Section 267A of the Penal Code: Section 267A …

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