This blog is written by Ms Gloria James-Civetta and Amarjit Singh, Advocates & Solicitors in Singapore.

Ms James has 18 years of Practicing Experience and serves as Vice Chairman of the Law Society of Singapore Criminal Practice Committee. Gloria has been closely involved in the ongoing changes which are currently taking place in criminal law litigation procedures.

Mr Singh has extensive experience in Criminal Law from the early 1990s as a Senior Officer with the Ministry of Home Affairs and later as an Assistant Public Prosecutor with the Attorney-General-s Chambers. Amarjit made regular court appearances and prosecuted offenders under the Penal Code, Misuse of Drugs Act, Prevention of Corruption Act, and the Road Traffic Act, amongst others. Amarjit has experience in trial litigation. He is also a member of the Law Society of Singapore Criminal Practice Committee.

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Posted by admin in Embezzlement

Embezzlement is a theft crime, which involves a person taking a property that he already possess, but do not own. With embezzlement, a person who is entrusted to manage or control someone else’s property uses that property inappropriately, and to the person’s own benefit. An employee who uses company property for his personal projects c...

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Posted by admin in Criminal

The offence of governed by Section 375 (1), Chapter 224 of the Penal code. ¬†According to Section 375, any man who penetrates the vagina of a woman with his penis without her consent; or with or without her consent, when she is under 14 years of age, shall be guilty of an offence.   Can [...]...

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Misuse of Drugs Act

Posted by admin in Drug possesion

The objective of the Misuse of Drugs Act is to punish both the drug trafficker and the drug consumer.   According to Sections 5-7, it is an offence to traffick, manufacture, import or export, possess or consume controlled drugs in Singapore.   Section 8 governs the consumption of drugs outside Singapore by a Singapore citizen [...]...

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