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Protection from Harassment Bill

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The Singapore government passed the Protection from Harassment Bill this year with the aim of enhancing protection of Singaporeans from anti-social behaviour in both the real world and cyberspace. Currently, acts of harassment is protected by the common law and sections 13A-13D of the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance Act). The new ...

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  The definition of Affray is defined under Section 267A of the Penal Code: 267A “Where 2 or more persons disturb the public peace by fighting in a public place, they are said to “commit an affray”.” The offence of Affray usually consists of a scuffle or tussle between 2 or more persons with the [...]

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Smoking Laws in Singapore

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Laws surrounding the smoking of cigarettes in Singapore are stringent. It is an offence for a person to smoke in non-smoking areas listed under the Smoking (Prohibition in Certain Places) Act.  Most public places in Singapore prohibits the smoking of cigarettes. Various deterrence are set out to discourage smoking in Singapore, anti-smoking advert...

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