This blog is written by Ms Gloria James-Civetta and Amarjit Singh, Advocates & Solicitors in Singapore.

Ms James has 18 years of Practicing Experience and serves as Vice Chairman of the Law Society of Singapore Criminal Practice Committee. Gloria has been closely involved in the ongoing changes which are currently taking place in criminal law litigation procedures.

Mr Singh has extensive experience in Criminal Law from the early 1990s as a Senior Officer with the Ministry of Home Affairs and later as an Assistant Public Prosecutor with the Attorney-General-s Chambers. Amarjit made regular court appearances and prosecuted offenders under the Penal Code, Misuse of Drugs Act, Prevention of Corruption Act, and the Road Traffic Act, amongst others. Amarjit has experience in trial litigation. He is also a member of the Law Society of Singapore Criminal Practice Committee.

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Cigarette-Tobbaco Smuggling / New Sentencing Guidelines

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NEW SENTENCING GUIDELINES FOR CIGARETTE SMUGGLERS     On 15 April 2014, the Honourable Chief Justice, Sundaresh Menon laid down sentencing guidelines for cigarette smuggling. He said that the weight of the tobacco should be used as a starting point in deciding jail terms.   Under the Customs Act, a first offender who smuggles more [...]...

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SENTENCING GUIDELINES FOR SLEEP-DEPRIVED DRIVERS In a recent Court of Appeal decision, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon found the act of driving whilst sleep-deprived to constitute grossly negligent behaviour. In light of this, should motorists cause a fatal accident due to drowsy-driving, they now face a jail term of up to two years, or a fine, [...]...

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Criminal Procedure in Singapore

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The Singapore Criminal Lawyer Blog is written by Ms Gloria James-Civetta and MrAmarjit Singh, both Specialist Criminal Law practitioners in Singapore (GJC Law). The Blog offers thorough explanation on the criminal court process in Singapore. In it, you will find articles; advice and tips that will help inform you on...

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