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If you have been charged with a crime or are facing a criminal investigation in Singapore, you should immediately seek professional legal advice. At GJC Law, we can guide you through this uncertain and often stressful part of the criminal law process.

Our experienced criminal law lawyers can help if you:

  • Are under police investigation and required to attend a formal interview with police
  • Have been charged by the police and have to attend court
  • Have been served with a Private Summons Prosecutions / Magistrate's Complaint
  • Want to initiate a Private Summons Prosecutions / Magistrate's Complaint
  • Want to initiate an application for Prevention of the Harassment Act (POHA).

Our Blog covers the whole of the Criminal Law Procedure in Singapore, from being arrested and charged in court, to the final verdict. This valuable information will enable you to better understand the Singapore Criminal Law System.

At GJC Law, we fight to defend the rights of our clients, and have built our reputation on getting results. You can count on our criminal lawyers to help and guide you through your legal matter by offering a clear explanation of the law and you will receive dedicated representation throughout the courtroom process.

The initial consultation with one of our criminal lawyers is free.

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Magistrates Complaint

Posted by admin in Crime Elements, Criminal, Criminal Court, Information

If a crime is considered under the Criminal Procedure Code to be ‘seizable’, the police can arrest the suspect immediately without needing a warrant. But if it’s not, then it is up to the victim to seek his own redress. He can complain to a magistrate who can then instruct the police to investigate and [...]...

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Posted by admin in Uncategorized

Molestation / Outrage of Modesty If you fear your conduct may have resulted in a ‘molest’, there are a few things to take note. The acts stereotypically reported in the news and by laypeople as ‘molest’ are, in fact, a category of crimes that include outrage of modesty and assault – and these may be [...]...

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Criminal Court Process in a Nutshell

Posted by admin in Uncategorized

Criminal Procedures in Singapore You can be charged in court after investigations have been carried out and when the police decide to charge you. When being charged in court, the charge setting out the offence that was allegedly committed by you will be read and explained to you. This would take place in the State [...]...

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