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Welcome to Gloria James-Civetta & Co, criminal representation lawyers.

Our Singapore Criminal Lawyer Blog covers the whole of the Criminal Law Procedure in Singapore, from being arrested and charged in court, through to the final verdict. This valuable information will enable you to better understand the Singapore Criminal Law System.

At GJC Law, we fight to defend the rights of our clients, and have built our reputation by providing sensible & practical advice, as well as perseverance and experience to achieve our goals.

You can count on our criminal lawyers to help and guide you through your legal matter by offering a clear explanation of the law and receiving dedicated representation throughout the courtroom process.

Our criminal law lawyers
can help if you:

Are under police investigation and required to attend a formal interview with police
Have been charged by the police and have to attend court
Have been served with a Private Summons Prosecutions / Magistrate’s Complaint
Want to initiate a Private Summons Prosecutions / Magistrate’s Complaint
Want to initiate an application for Prevention of the Harassment Act (POHA)

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Costs of Hiring a Criminal defence Lawyer

The honest answer is, “it depends.”

The cost for hiring a lawyer to represent you is based on the nature, severity of the charges and the lawyer`s experience in criminal law. Our criminal lawyers are able to offer you a complimentary consultation to discuss the specific circumstances of your case and what our legal fee ranges will be.

Competitive Capped Fees

Our dedicated criminal lawyers are able to offer you competitive pricing according to your needs.

When you choose to engage our firm, all you have to pay at the outset is a holding deposit to commence your legal retainer with the lawyer of your choice. Thereafter, bills will be managed according to the legal work required to be done for you. We do not ask for full upfront payment.

The benefit of capped fees (for non-contentious cases, eg.‘plead guilty’ cases) is that you as our client can rest assured, at the outset, of an estimate of the legal costs to best advance your case. Any additional disbursements would be outlined in your warrant to act.

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